An Eclectic World Café

Lovingly crafted in Ventura






Catering: 626 755 8331




OPEN EVERY DAY!                    8 am - 3 pm                  Monday-Saturday

Sunday                                       9 am - 3 pm





beverages, beer & wine


Coffee - Locally Roasted: French Roast, Sumatra, Peru Decaf                  2.95

Traveler Mocha - Local roast, hot milk & Ghiradelli chocolate                 2.95

Hot Chocolate - House-made with Ghiradelli chocolate                          2.95

Iced Coffee -  Made with our house-brewed French Roast or Sumatra          2.95

Hot Tea & Herbals              1.95

Fresh-Squeeze Orange Juice  -  big cup!                 2.95

Real Lemonade - house-made, of course, and the best Arnold Palmers around!          2.95

House Brewed Iced Tea - Green, Raspberry-Hibiscus and tradition Black tea          1.95

Fountain Drinks : Coca-cola, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper & Root Beer        1.25

Assorted Beverages from "the Box":  including Perrier, Coconut Water, Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk, Mexican Coca-Cola, Jarritos Lime,  etc...!

TAP BREWS  - Current selection of (mostly) Local Craft Beers:

Made West - IPA (Ventura, CA)                                                                 Topa Topa- Cheif Peak IPA (Ventura, CA)                                                   Institution Ales- Clarity Golden Ale (Camarillo, CA)               Oscar Blues - Dale's Pale Ale (Boulder, Colorado)                                             Rotating Tap #1 & Rotating Tap #2 -  Featuring local microbrews from Island Brewing, Rincon, Poseidon, M. Special and more!

BOTTLED BEERS, etc.   - Coors Lite, Bud Lite;      Import - Negro Modelo, Coronita;      Dry Cider - Brooks;     Kombucha 7% - Boochcraft

WINE BAR - Local, Regional and Imported wines by the Glass or Bottle: Crisp Whites, Dry Rose, Beautiful Reds, "Champagne" Splits, Prosecco, our wonderful Mimosas (with O.J., Lemonade or Pineapple) &  "The Bloody Cure" Micheladas!


Bernie Larsen plays Sunday Brunch - reggae, blues & ska!, Sunday, 11am - 1 pm!